Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Philadelphia Church Project's Bottom 10: #7

First, yes, a name change. It's not really fair to have a "best / worst in Philadelphia" feature without having seen everything. And despite disclaimers to the contrary, it's also misleading; there are churches that are far worse (and better) than what you're going to see on these lists.

So, we're reframing this as the Project's Bottom 10. (And, later on, the Project's Top 10.) Much more accurate, fairer, and hopefully better from a public outreach perspective.

So, without further ado--drumroll please.......

#7: Our Mother of Good Counsel

Why They're Here

A botched whitewash renovation job, and layout changes like moving the altar out into the nave. The Project hates both with a passion, and both are in abundance here. And Our Mother of Good Counsel doesn't have enough size or scope to compensate.

Also, the parish is thoroughly hostile to visitors, forcing me to coin a theorem (The Hot Girl Principle) just for them.

Why They're Not Higher

The twisted Gothic exterior is neat, even if the tympanums have been replaced with tacky modern stained glass. That helps, but it's hard to forget the awful things they did inside.

Bad stewardship and even worse manners? Suck on this, you rich, arrogant!%@$#.


  1. I just looked at the images...really rather dull.

    I guess the Archdiocese needs to loot a closed church here in the City and spruce it up a bit.

  2. "the parish is thoroughly hostile to visitors"

    How Christian of them.