Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Top Ten Worst Churches in Philadelphia: #9

The Project's tour of the damned continues with #9 on our list, Cobbs Creek's St. Cyprian

Why They're Here:

At least St. Anne had great sanctuary pieces. St. Cyprian features an even blander decor, and the average sanctuary marble work and decent windows (the ones that are left, anyway) don't compensate for a butchered, plain-white paint job and sloppy, purple-outlined roof.

Yes, I know it's another case of Tabula Rasa, and if better cared for, a 1924 columned, cruciform Italian-Renaissance church would be a thing of beauty. Sorry, can't go by what-used-to-bes. It's bad.

Why They're Not Lower:

Well, good stained glass art is always appreciated. But mostly, it's the respectable stone exterior, nifty red-tile roof and prominent tower--which, fun fact, was constructed as a big %!$@ you to the KKK, who burned a cross on the parish's property.

That's some nice moxie there, but moxie, sadly, doesn't pay for church upkeep.


  1. May I suggest that interior pictures be posted, if possible , so that others can see what there is about these churches that puts them on the list.

  2. You may, but I can guarantee nothing. We don't have interior photographs for the churches covered during our first year. For those first-year churches that end up on the best & worst lists, we will try to provide independent interior photography where possible. But in some cases you may just have to take our word on it, for now.

  3. Hey, if they hadn't decided to let the beautiful Transfiguration of Our Lord sit and ROT for almost a decade.....