Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your Hatred only Makes the Project Stronger

Especially when it's absolutely illogical. Case in point, this cranky e-mail from Bob Deck.

I found your site completely by accident but I wanted to make a few comments after looking at it quite intently.
The name of your project is quite misleading.

I can only assume you are of the Catholic faith since no other religion would use a title like this and not check out the churches of other faiths. I have been to churches of many faiths during my life, including
Catholic Churches. Like most Catholics I know, you do not accept the fact that there are other religions and assume that everyone is Catholic. I realized this when I went to look at your portion on St Michaels in "Kensington" and found not the Lutheran Church which is actually in Kensington and where I went to services as a youth,but the Catholic Church on 2nd Street which is not actually Kensington.

If you are going to call your project the Philadelphia Church Project, do us all a favor and visit the
places of worship of all faiths. many are actually quite beautiful.

If you are going to flame the Project's mailbox with negative mail, make sure you actually know what you're talking about.
If you'd bothered to actually study the site intently--and it's clear you haven't--you would see that we have indeed covered non-Catholic churches, including the Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Bryn Athyn, PA; St. James the Less in Allegheny West; the Universal Church in Nicetown; Church of the Advocate in North-Central; First United Methodist Church of Germantown; and Church of the Holy Trinity in Rittenhouse Square.

We've covered others, and there are still many more to come, but I'm sure even you can get the point.

Also, sir, how dare you generalize me simply because I come from a Roman Catholic background? As any intelligent reader of this site can tell you, my opinions and perspectives vary widely. I've been a vocal opponent of much of the actions and leadership of the
Archdiocese of Philadelphia, while openly embracing what other Christian sects bring to the table.

If you have legitimate concerns or issues about the Project, we will happily discuss them. But ignorant, unfounded and insulting attacks have no place here, and you only disgrace yourself by using them.

Do us all a favor and get a clue.

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  1. You can't please some people. They have to have something to whine about.

    THIS complainer reminds me of William Donohue who finds "anti-Catholic sentiment" everyplace he looks.

    Some people just need to get themselves a life.