Monday, July 13, 2009

OLHC / Nativity Clerical Changes

On the heels of our distressing news about the impending twinning of Port Richmond's Our Lady Help of Christians and Nativity BVM comes the first official piece of evidence, albeit an indirect one.

The July 9 issue of the Catholic Standard & Times bears the following clerical notice--and thanks again to Project reader Bill for this piece:

OLHC Pastor Dennis Fedak will take over both parishes effective August 3, while Nativity Pastor Anthony Orth is getting banished to the corn fields.

The CS&T hasn't, to the Project's knowledge, directly covered the twinning yet, but this pretty much confirms that it's going to happen--at least in terms of resources, if not officially in name (a la Immaculate Conception and St. Michael).


  1. OLHOC is a pretty church, but there is so much damage.

  2. Actually, I wouldn't call St. Margaret Mary's the cornfields. That is a beautiful church.

    I feel sorry for the guy they're sending to St. Hugh of Cluny. That's in yet another neighborhood that was once beautiful and got ruined by people who don't care.

  3. It is very sad, and it's only the beginning. First the three schools were merged, now the twinning of the two churches. This is like pulling a bandaid off slowly. As a parishioner, I'd rather they just pulled it off quickly and merged all three churches as well.