Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Genealogy? Let the Project Help

The Project has never really considered itself a genealogical resource, but that's exactly what reader Barbara Joly found:

How are you ? I'm quite happy to have found your website & blog while researching Saint Boniface church. I'm a hobby genealogist who has had several generations of family who once called Philly home. I have a Genealogy blog where I talk all about my research. And today, I put a link to both your blog and the page that you had for Saint Boniface.
I will be returning now & then, especially to your blog, as blogger tend to stick with ... blogs & bloggers ! I've been doing a Genealogy blog ( plus a personal one) since 2006.Come over any time to the"Our Carroll family" blog.! I'm going to put a link to both your website & blog too so I & my readers can just click the link.
All the best to your website & research and see you in the future!

That's right! St. Boniface again--truly, a church that will never die. For the record, you can find her entry here. It's an interesting endeavor, and they give us a nice mention to boot.


  1. I'm a genealogist myself. Have been since 2000. As I've mentioned here on this blog, my dad's paternal side of the family has "history" with Saint Gregory's (closed 1981), Our Mother of Sorrows, and St. Agatha's (now Saint Agatha-Saint James).

  2. Hi there !

    Thank you so much for publishing my e mail here at the Philly church project .I feel good about that because I put a strong value on my Philly roots. This also includes the houses of worship of my family. Besides St Boniface, there was St Thomas D'Aquinas & a third which is called Assumption church ( which I believe is closed).

    Your website is very interesting for anyone wanting to explore the past. And I applaud your efforts !

    Yes, Saint Boniface will never die !